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From Dennis Lloyd, in reply to Sharon Money.

Hi Sharon, how nice it is to at last find a positive connection to the Money line I am related to. My GG Grandmother was given a New Testament(which I still have) at the age of 8 in 1861 by her mother. Handwritten entries list all the family history (except only two Money entries), and one entry says that her grandfather was General John Money of Crown Point Estate (Trowse Newton), Norfolk. This John Money is the Balloonist and soldier who fought against the Americans in NY State under Burgoyne. The death certificate lists his full name as John Dennington Money Palmer, father as General John Money and mother as Sarah Dennington, and he arrived here in Australia about 1827. That is about 10 years after John Money died. I cannot make any further connections, perhaps you can help. 
Palmer, John Dennington Money (I167)
My great-great grandmother Catherine Hurley (nee Critchley) married for the 3rd time a John Palmer (stated as being a bachelor from Glen Innes) at the Presbyterian Church Maitland, NSW on the 21st Jan 1852. They later owned a hotel at Tambaroora, near the Hill End goldfields near Mudgee NSW.
They had 5 children
Sarah Anne b 20 Jan 1853
Eliza b 5 Feb 1855
Archer Money b 1856 ?d 1856
Frederick Moneyb 1859 ?d 1859
Frederick John Money b. 20 March 1862 and later to be postmaster at Bondi & Grafton

I would love to know if there's a chance this John Palmer is the same one outlined as coming to Australia, in the forum there is a John D M Palmer in the BDM Index dying at Hill End in 1886 (Father John M & Mother Sarah - I haven't acquired a death certificate to establish family is the same...has anyone else? It would be great to re-establish the Hurley Palmer connection!

Regards, in anticipation
Critchley, Catherine (I168)
Whitlingham Hall

An estate in Trowse Newton was purchased by the Money family towards the end of the C17. In 1772 it passed into the hands of John Money (later to become General Money), who in 1784 built himself a new house on the site which he called Crown Point, a name he chose following his involvement in the taking of Crown Point in America. He surrounded the new house with a small park, which is depicted on Faden's county map published in 1797, and extended it further to the south and west following the re-routing of the public road in 1806. The General also leased surrounding land from the Dean and Chapter of Norwich which included Trowse Newton Hall to the north of the park and Whitlingham White House to the east. By the time he died in 1817, a map published the same year (NRO) shows that his house was surrounded by a c 75 acre (c 31ha) park, a large lawn to the south, and a new walled kitchen garden linked by woodland walks to the house. Following a dispute, the estate was inherited by his illegitimate son, Colonel Archibald Money who planted Long Wood along the ridge north of Crown Point and extended the park as far as Trowse Newton Hall to the north and Whitlingham White House to the east. Colonel Money died in 1858 and the estate passed to a second illegitimate son, the Rev Frederick Money who in 1861 put it up for sale. It was purchased by Sir Robert Harvey who commissioned the architect H E Coe, a pupil of Sir George Gilbert Scott, to build a large Elizabethan-style mansion with an ornamental conservatory on a new site. At the same time he employed the garden designer William Broderick Thomas to furnish it with a suitable formal garden (Nierop-Reading nd). The building work was supervised by the local firm Edward Boardman and Son. Sir Robert extended the park by the closure of a public road to the south of the new house, using the road to create a new drive, while to the north he reduced Trowse Newton Hall to a picturesque ruin and planted a double lime avenue up to it. The expense of this work proved too great for Sir Robert who, following a run on his bank, committed suicide in 1870, before his new house and conservatory were complete. In 1872 the estate was purchased by a successful local businessman J J Colman. It passed to Russell James Colman in 1901 who re-employed Boardman and Son to enlarge the house and bring the gardens up to date. The estate stayed within the Colman family although in 1955 they sold the house and its grounds which became the Whitlingham Hospital. During the 1980s the Norwich southern bypass was built, cutting off a section of park, the walled garden, south drive and lodge from the main body of the park. In the 1990s the hospital was closed and in 1999 was purchased by property developers. It is currently (2000) undergoing conversion into private apartments. The site remains in divided ownership. 
Money, General John (I363)
Jack Kelly Memorial 
Kelly, John Kevin (I4)
5 Died at Mudgee hospital Palmer, Archer Money (I166)
6 in Lady Star of the Sea Family F19
7 Reference: HO 17/26/2

Prisoner name(s): John Palmer alias John Money Dennington and John Mortimer Algar.

Prisoner age: John Palmer 21.

Prisoner occupation: John Palmer was an apprentice carpenter in Kent. John Mortimer Algar was in service to a gentleman residing in Bressingham, Norfolk for five years.

Court and date of trial: Norfolk Lent Assizes held at Thetford on 15 March 1828.

Crime: Uttering forged Bank Of England Notes. John Palmer purchased eight ?5 notes, two ?1 notes and two sovereigns through William Brewster (alias William Hardy) a shopkeeper of 54 White Horse Lane,[London] and Zippel or Ezekiel (alias Thomas Rowland) the landlord of the Three Compasses Pub in Shadwell Old Market, [London]. John Palmer disposed of the money in Norfolk with the assistance of John Mortimer Algar.

Initial sentence: [Death], commuted to unknown for John Palmer and transportation for life for John Mortimer Algar.

Annotated (Outcome): John Palmer: respited 2 April 1828, pardon prepared 3 April; John Mortimer Algar was granted a conditional pardon in 1838.

Petitioner(s): Two petitions from Nine Norfolk magistrates.

W Freshfield & Sons, solicitors to the Bank of England (prosecutor) of New Bank Buildings, [London].

Two petitions from Edmund Wodehouse magistrate of Norwich, [Norfolk].

James Hales undersheriff of Thetford, Norwich, [Norfolk].

15 inhabitants of Norwich, [Norfolk] on behalf of John Palmer including Lord Stafford.

Nine inhabitants of Trowse Millgate, Norwich, [Norfolk] on behalf of John Palmer.

Six petitions from John Postle (friend of John Palmer's natural father) magistrate of Colney, Norwich, Norfolk].

66 inhabitants of Brandon, [Norfolk] on behalf of John Mortimer Algar.

Two petitions from Lord Glenelg's office in Downing Street, London in favour of John Mortimer Algar.

Two petitions from Sir Richard Bourke KCB of London the former Captain General Governor and Commander in Chief of New South Wales including a memorial from Sir John Jamison (John Mortimer Algar's employer/assigned colonist).

Grounds for clemency (Petition Details): John Palmer: mother is distraught; father had died by the time his master carpenter had been declared bankrupt; youth and inexperience made him an easy target for depraved senior persons who taught him the habits of dishonesty and idleness; a talented young man who could become a useful and honest member of society; the prisoners' executions will have no salutary influence on the public mind because justice in Norwich is currently inconsistent; evidence of the prisoners' good characters were held back at the trial because they were expecting to be shown indulgence by pleading a minor part in the offence; by 1838 John Mortimer Algar was in a position to receive mercy; he had served the time required by law to qualify for a pardon and possessed a ticket of leave.

Other papers: John Palmer's two confessions sent by Reverend William Broon, the Chaplain of Norwich County Gaol, [Norfolk].

Two letters from John Johnson the governor of Norwich Castle, [Norfolk].

Home office report on W Freshfield's evidence.

Letter from W Freshfield & Sons.

Note from Edmund Wodehouse.

Note from Thomas Anysh of the Home Office, [London].

Additional Information: The prisoners were tried by Judge Baron Garrow.

The Norwich magistrates recommended that the prisoners be transported for life. This was not a unanimous recommendation for John Palmer.

John Palmer is the illegitimate son of the deceased Lieutenant General Money of Trowse Newton, Norfolk.

John Palmer absconded from Norwich in 1827 for a poaching transaction.

John Mortimer Algar arrived in New South Wales on the Lord Melville in 1829.
Date: 1828 Mar 22 - 1838 Oct 5
Held by: The National Archives, Kew 
Palmer, John Dennington Money (I167)
8 ----- Original Message -----
From: "David & Anne Wilson"
Sent: Saturday, January 08, 2005 6:14 PM
Subject: [PJ] Thomas Thompson

Good morning everyone and happy new year to all,

I've been a bit quite lately tracing a line of my husband's family who were free settlers and have come to a halt at a gentleman called Thomas Thompson. I would like to find out if Thomas was a convict but as there is little to be read about him I am wondering if anyone may know anything about the Thomas Thompsons who came to the colony in the early 1800's. There were a few of them.

My Thomas married a Catherine Critchley in 1831 Newcastle area. Catherine was the daughter of a marine of the 48th Regiment and was born in Tasmania. Thomas died in 1842 in Sydney and a transcript of his death says he was a coloured man. I am assuming this meant he was from the West Indies or Africa and not an Aborigine as from what I have read so far most Aboriginal deaths are recorded that way. I have emailed the person who has claimed a Thomas Thompson on the Claim a Convict site but had no response and am wondering if anyone may be related to the Critchley family who settled in the Maitland area or the Hurley or Palmer families of the same area as poor Catherine Thompson nee Critchley married Farrell Hurley in 1843 after Thomas died but Farrell then died and Catherine married a Mr Palmer and they lived "happily together until Catherine's death.

I hope everyone has a successful year of searching and maybe I will get to see some of you at various places that I will be visiting when I come to Sydney in early February.

Regards Anne in Townsville
Thompson, Thomas (I491)
9 104 HOLBORROW STREET CROYDON NSW Levy, Aubrey James (I527)
10 15 Albion St. Paull, Sidney John (I131)
11 172 Carrington Road Carroll, Owen (I738)
12 172 Carrington Road Kelly, Winifred Mary (I210)
13 19 Woodstock St. Meades, Sarah Rebecca (I71)
14 202 Barcom Ave Levy, Catherine Ada Emily (I507)
15 210 Victoria Street Kings Cross Haywood, Georgina (I608)
16 28 Gifford Street Genesis, Louisa Josephine (I311)
17 293 Bondi Road Donaldson, Muir (I197)
18 3 Beresford Place, Palmerstom Road Money, Reverend Frederick (I730)
19 30 Bridge Street Dennis, Robert (I336)
20 34 Cornwallis Road Paull, Evelyn Leonie (I300)
21 41 Burton St. Free Church of England Family F26
22 5 children Family F260
23 53rd Battalion Kelly, Harry (I158)
Norbary, Elizabeth (I94)
25 7 Wellington Street Taylor, Robert (I682)
26 7:30 PM Palmer, John Dennington Money (I167)
27 84a Dudley Street Windle, Annie (I148)
28 Accidentally drowned Thompson, Thomas (I621)
29 Address at death was:

99 Ocean St.
Wright, Albert Oswald (I183)
30 Address in 1901 census:

7 Garfield Road Southgate, New Southgate

County: Middlesex 
Family F35
31 Age 70, at St Vincent's Hospital, Bathurst, late of Perthville, formerly of Bathurst Roper, Claire (I560)
32 Age 85. At St. Vincent's Hospital, Bathurst, late of Melton, George's Plains Pratley, James (I538)
33 Age 86, at Bathurst Base Hospital, late of Bathurst Nursing Home, Kelso, formerly of 'Melton', Georges Plains Pratley, Catherine Jessie (I544)
34 Age 98, at Cheriton Hostel, Bathurst, formerly of 'Melton', Georges Plains Pratley, Laura Lucy (I555)
35 Aged 7 months at time of death Windle, Louisa Mabel (I90)
36 Aged 9 weeks at death on 16 Oct 1869 Windle, Ada Sarah (I81)
37 Alfred has quite a few mentions in the Herald for either assaulting other people or being assaulted himself. 
Windle, Alfred Ernest (I70)
38 Alfred was not liked by his daughter Elizabeth Emily who remembered him as a drunken, violent father who gradually gambled away their considerable property assets in Coogee Bay, which had been inherited from his father. He was in the habit of drinking himself stupid in the City and relying on his horse to find the way home. At the Coroner's inquest into the death of his daughter, Martha May, there was also an inference that he had raped her after coming home drunk and that this led to an unwanted pregnancy and then her suicide by taking rat poison. At the inquest, he accused Martha's fiance of attacking her, but this was refuted by a string of witnesses including his wife and some of his other daughters, including Lily, then aged 11 years.

Windle, Alfred Ernest (I70)
39 All Saints Church Family F274
40 Among the last of the Lithographic artists and illuminators trained at the Technical College in Ultimo. Dennis, Robert (I336)
41 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I24)
42 Approx. 1805 according to his death certificate Kelly, Thomas (I208)
43 Arthur abandoned his family shortly after John was born (1916). John remembered approaching his father and asking him for money to support the family. The response was "so you are little Johnny?" - but there was no money forthcoming. He was also charged with wife desertion in June 1910.  Family F32
44 at 3pm. Windle, Alfred (I72)
45 at Bathurst Base Hospital, late of 'Yarras', Kelso Pratley, Allan Norbary (I557)
46 at Bathurst Base Hospital, late of Cheriton Retirement Village, formerly of Bathurst. 81 years. Pratley, James Alexander (I545)
47 at Bathurst Nursing Home, Kelso, formerly of 'Oakbrook', Bathurst Pratley, Walter Thomas (I542)
48 At Lagoon Road. Of injuries accidentally received by falling into a creek. Norbary, Walter Snr (I554)
49 At WHITE ROCK (BELLVIEW) Norbary, Walter Thomas Jnr (I358)
50 Bathurst NSW Catholic Section Burial Plot Section A Row 2 Coughlan, Nabby (I172)

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